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Working with "Clay" is so tactile and addictive . . . Every time I have the opportunity to throw, it is a great day!

When You Come To A Fork In The Road . . . Take It.

Everyone has a background which shapes them for life and mine has a couple of unique twists and turns which has helped me shape mine. I was born in Bratislava, which at that time was in Czechoslovakia. My family immigrated to the United States seeking asylum when the Russians invaded our country. Entering grade school without knowing a word of English was a challenge, but over time we adjusted, gained our USA citizenship and I graduated from University of Puget Sound in Washington State. 

The next few years were spent in The Gambia, on the West coast of Africa serving in the Peace Corp and then as the assistant to the US Ambassador to The Gambia. Great memories and incredible lifelong friends were mixed with arduous conditions . . . I would highly recommend it to anyone.

I returned home to enter Dental School at the University of Washington. Upon receiving my doctorate, I opened my dental practice in downtown Seattle specializing in cosmetic dentistry for virtually a 100% urban business population in a 76 floor high-rise downtown location - In fact, one floor above Bill Gate's father's law office. Quite the change from the Peace Corp and The Gambia.

Fast forward to some years after raising a wonderful family and watching him go off to college. My husband and I longed for a “Changes in Attitude ~ Changes in Latitude” lifestyle shift so we moved to the delightful Island community of Marco Island on the most Southwest tip of the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Life is made even better with our new found pal - Oscar-Zorro, an outrageously happy Havanese pup. 

It is here on Marco Island, where I further developed a passion of the joy of working with “Clay”. It is addictive and have immersed myself in this wonderful and very tactile art form. I am influenced by my European background in design and years of precisely crafting a lifetime of smiles. Add in the wonderful impact of the colors found here in our new tropical Island life and it has led to the creation of a uniquely modern and contemporary line of vases, bowls and hand-made ceramic pottery. 

Each piece is hand-thrown on the wheel in my studio, then hand-glazed with multiple layers and colors. Each vase is pin-striped individually and wet-carved to create the unique sculpted contemporary look. A signature distinctive ‘red-bottom’ finishes select items. I call the collection ‘The Line By Eva’.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I have had in creating each of my babies . . . I look forward to your thoughts and thank you for your support. 

Dr. Eva M. Kubinsky

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