The Elevated Art of Simple Flower Arrangements Whether you are a world class Ikebana Master practicing the zen of the elegant presentation or one who just has a bit of creative curiosity that draws you to presenting your flowers a step above the traditional stuffing of a plethora of buds into a vase full of water. There is something that lures you to the simplicity and striking elegance of a carefully presented minimalist arrangement of flowers and materials. Some simple examples below.

Simple Flower Arrangements

  If you need an even better visual clue, just Google - Ikebana Flower Arrangement Images and a world of professional photographic illustrations and possibilities will flood your screen.

    Armed with a spiked ‘Frog’ or some bricks of easily obtained 'Floral Oasis', a vast set of new vertical opportunities await you. Typically a short, small-throated vase or even better, an actual Ikebana vase will serve you best. Although, creativity has no rules and other containers or flat trays/bowls that can hold water may be even more striking.

    One of the beauties of this type of flower arranging is cost. Simplicity means less is more, so the judicious use flowers and plant material, that many times can be naturally sourced in your own neighborhood, can lead to striking seasonal and very cost effective arrangements.

  First stop are the rules for beginners . . . Rule One - There Are No Rules. Purists may disagree with that notion, but as a beginner just look, emulate, create and improve as per your own taste and available materials. That should be your mantra. Experimentation is your guide and it is surprising how quickly you obtain the skills to create beautiful arrangements that are strikingly different from the norm.

   For those of you who want dig a little deeper for the next level thoughts and philosophy, here is an excellent article from the New York Times - The Rise of Modern Ikebana.

  Especially in these shelter-in-place times, a beautiful distraction such as this may save you from one more day-time television re-run or heaven forbid, yet another jig-saw puzzle. Please do be forewarned, the practice of simplistic flower arranging can be calming but highly addictive.

   Yours in Clay . . . And Flowers Too.